ASTM A322 (4130)

ASTM A322 Specification 4130 Alloy Steel (4140 here)

Steel Bars. 0.95 Cr, 0.20 Mo.

4130 Alloy Steel in ASTM A322 Specification per ASTM International:
“This specification covers hot-wrought alloy steel bars. Bar applications include forging, heat treating, cold drawing, machining and many structural components. The steel shall be made by one or more of the following primary processes: open-hearth, basic-oxygen, or electric-furnace. The primary melting may incorporate separate degassing or refining and may be followed by secondary melting using electro-slag remelting or vacuum arc remelting. Where secondary remelting is employed, the heat shall be defined as all of the cast product remelted from a single primary heat. The steel shall be furnished as strand cast or ingot cast. Immediately after hot forming, the bars shall be allowed to cool to a temperature below the critical range under suitable conditions to prevent imperfections caused by too rapid cooling. The bars shall be free of pipe, cracks, and flakes. Within the limits of good manufacturing and inspection practices, the bars shall be free of injurious seams, laps, segregation, or other imperfections which are due to their nature, degree, or extent, will interfere with the use of the material in machining or fabrication of suitable parts.”

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    Applications of 4130 (ASTM A322 specification) Alloy Steel:

    • Aerospace Components: Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent toughness, 4130 alloy steel is widely utilized in the aerospace industry. It is used to manufacture aircraft parts such as gears, bolts, and other high-stress components that require both lightness and strength.
    • Automotive Parts: In the automotive industry, 4130 (ASTM A322) alloy steel is used for a range of components including axles, gears, and other critical parts that require high strength and durability. Its resistance to wear and tear under high-stress conditions makes it a preferred choice for high-performance automotive applications.
    • Cycling Frame Construction: In the bicycle manufacturing industry, the 4130 alloy steel finds its application in the construction of high-quality frames. The steel’s high tensile strength and weldability allow for durable and lightweight bicycle frames that can withstand rough use while providing a comfortable ride.
    • Structural Applications: 4130 (ASTM A322) alloy steel can be used in a variety of structural applications including bridges, buildings, and even roller coasters. Its strength and versatility make it a popular choice for architects and engineers looking to balance safety and efficiency in their designs.