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AMS 6265 Alloy Steel from Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge, Inc. has many uses: Aircraft and jet engine components, nuclear reactors, aircraft subsystems, marine, heavy trucking, and defense and battlefield armory are just some.
AMS 6265 Spec Alloy Steel from Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge, Inc.

Why do engineers and metals distributors love working with Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge?

Timeliness of quote returns, solid inventory, pricing & lead-time seem competitive and Tim Lumaye and his team are great to work with in my experience over the years.

Dean O, Kansas

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We are direct metal buyers:

  • – We get you the spec you need.
  • – AVAF processeses alloy the way you need.
  • – We forge the way you like. Accurate and fast.

We’re a nimble mill house filled with expert craftsmen who know metal alloys in Kent/Seattle, Washington:

  • – We work with small quantities and large orders.
  • – AVAF acquires, processes and forges faster.
  • – We know and work the metal alloys you need.

We work with aerospace, defense, DoD, and DoE contractors all over the country:

  • – Defense Contractors and Contractors for Boeing in Kent, Washington,
  • – Medical and Energy Companies in Wichita, Kansas,
  • – Contractors for SpaceX, Robinson, and Gulfstream in Hawthorne, California,
  • And many more. They love working with us for our speed and accuracy.

What’s your AMS-6256 Alloy Steel for?

We manufacture and ship aircraft quality AMS-6256 for customers who use it for airframes, fuselage systems, engine block mounts, spacecraft chassis,
motorsports, solar arrays, UAVs, jet engines, landing gears, body armor,
suspension systems, you name it. AMS 6265 is a ubiquitous spec in
aerospace and defense especially. We know because we process it for
critical applications all over the world.

We’ll take care of you, fast.

Get us your RFQ now. We want to get working on your procurement, exactly to spec, with the processes you need. Get your project finished quicker.

Trust AVAF.

We handle large quantities and small.
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Get your AMS-6265 spec stainless steel. Pronto. Use our Rapid Response RFQ to get your project completed.

More about our AMS 6265 Grade 9310 Alloy Steel

AMS 6265 Premium Aircraft Quality Alloy Steel is a 1.2 Chromium, 3.25 Nickel, 0.12 Molybdenum, and 0.07 to 0.13 Carbon alloy steel. We form it as bars, forgings, tubing, and use it as forging stock.

We use thermal processes to harden the steel, which leaves the core extremely hard and tough. This heat treatment makes this alloy steal extremely fatigue resistant.

That makes it great for aircraft and jet engine parts, heavy trucking applications, energy industry, and oil and gas uses.

Get your AMS-6265 spec alloy steel. Pronto. Use our Rapid Response RFQ to get your project completed.