AMS 6526

AMS 6526 Specification HP9-4-30 High Strength Alloy Steel

Steel Bars. Steel Forgings. Steel Tubing. Steel Rings. 1.0 Cr, 7.5 Ni, 4.5 Co, 1.0 Mo, 0.09 V, 0.29-0.34 C.

HP9-4-30 High Strength Steel in AMS 6526 Specification, per SAE International:
“This specification covers a premium aircraft-quality, high-strength, low-alloy steel in the form of bars, forgings, mechanical tubing, flash welded rings, and stock for forging or flash welded rings.”

Consumable electrode vacuum remelted, annealed.

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    A low alloy steel with nickel and cobalt additions, HP9-4-30 is melted as AOD + VAR melt type. This alloy has been designed to have good weldability, high hardenability, and excellent fracture toughness.

    Applications of HP9-4-30 (AMS 6526) Alloy Steel

    • Aircraft / Airframes / Spacecraft: HP9-4-30 alloy steel in AMS 6526 specification has excellent fracture toughness properties making it suitable for aerospace structural components
    • Rocket Motor Cases: The superior fracture toughness of HP9-4-30 alloy steel makes it an excellent choice for rocket motor cases in the aerospace industry.
    • Transmission Gears: The strength and toughness properties of HP9-4-30 (AMS 6526) alloy steel can be harnessed for making transmission gears, especially where the gear system may face high-stress scenarios or require extended life.
    • Pressure Vessels: Because it is so resistant to fracture and high temperatures, HP9-4-30 (AMS 6526) is suitable for use in pressure vessels that hold liquids or gases.