13-8MO AMS 5629

AMS 5629 Specification 13-8MO Stainless Steel

Steel Bars. Steel Wire. Steel Forgings. Steel Rings. Steel Extrusions. 13 Cr, 8.0 Ni, 2.2 Mo, 1.1 Al.

13-8MO Stainless Steel in AMS 5629 Specification, per SAE International:
“This specification covers a corrosion-resistant steel in the form of bars, wire, forgings, flash welded rings, extrusions, and stock for forging, flash welded rings, or extrusion.”

Vacuum induction and consumable electrode melted. Solution heat-treated, precipitation hardenable. See all alloy forging services in the following grades, flats, squares, rounds, rectangles, rings, hollows, and custom shapes.

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    AMS 5629 13-8MO Stainless Steel is a high-grade material known for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. It is a martensitic, precipitation-hardening stainless steel that is used in several high demand sectors.

    Applications of 13-8MO AMS 5629 Stainless Steel

    • Aerospace Components: 13-8MO stainless steel is frequently chosen for aerospace components owing to its high strength and exceptional resistance to corrosion. This makes it ideal for critical parts like landing gear where durability and reliability are critical.
    • Aircraft Engine Parts: Because of its durability and resistance to high temperatures, AMS 5629 13-8MO stainless steel is perfect for aircraft engine parts. Its ability to withstand stress and maintain integrity under extreme conditions is valued for components such as valve parts and pump shafts.
    • Petrochemical Industry: In the petrochemical industry, 13-8MO AMS 5629  steel is utilized for its corrosion resistance and ability to retain strength at high temperatures. This is crucial in environments with harsh chemicals and extreme heat, making it a reliable choice for various equipment.
    • Injection Molding Equipment: Its corrosion resistance and strength retention at elevated temperatures make 13-8MO AMS 5629 steel highly suitable for injection molding tools. This ensures enhanced durability and consistent performance in manufacturing processes.