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Aerospace and Defense Grade Alloys on Forklift

Aerospace & Defense Grades

We’re a trusted supplier in the Aerospace and Defense industries. We can easily provide the following aerospace & defense grades in Flat bar, Plate, Sheet, Round bar, and Forged rings:

Aircraft Alloys

Vacuum melted alloy steel characteristics and qualities:

  • Ultra-high strength product
  • Ductility, fracture toughness, fatigue and impact strength
  • Resistance to crack propagation
  • Cleanliness and reliability
  • Composes structural aircraft parts, i.e. landing gear components
  • Capable of meeting heavy duty requirements
D6ACHP9-4-20HP9-4-30Hy-TufHY-180Aermet 100
Maraging 250Maraging 300Maraging 350M-50H-11H-13

Stainless Steels

PH grades characteristics & qualities:

  • Premium Quality precipitation-hardening stainless steel
  • Capable of high strength and hardness levels
  • Vacuum Arc re-melted for improved cleanliness
  • Martensitic and magnetic in solution treated and PH cond.
  • High resistance to crack propagation
  • Optimum transverse properties and corrosion resistance
300 Series400 SeriesC450C455C465
NIT 40NIT 50NIT 60

Nickel Alloys

Nickel grades characteristics & qualities:

  • Premium quality vacuum arc re-melted.
  • Capable of exceptionally high strength and hardness levels
  • Excellent fatigue strength and resistance to stress corrosion.
  • Readily machined in either annealed or age hardened cond.
Inco 600Inco 625Inco 718Inco X-750Inco 901


Aluminum grades characteristics & qualities:

  • Aircraft Alloy strength and corrosion resistance
  • Residual strength and fatigue-crack propagation
  • Easily machined in any condition