AMS 5731

AMS 5731 Specification A286 Nickel Based Stainless Steel

Steel, Corrosion and Heat Resistant Steel, Steel Bars, Steel Wire, Steel Forgings, Steel Tubing, and Steel Rings 15Cr 25.5Ni 1.2Mo 2.1Ti 0.006B 0.30V, Consumable Electrode Melted, 1800ºF (982ºC) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated

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    AMS 5731 Specification A286 Stainless Steel, also known as AMS 5731 or simply A286, is a specialized alloy recognized for its impressive combination of strength and corrosion resistance. This austenitic iron-based material is distinguished by its unique chemical composition, which includes iron as the base, along with nickel, chromium, and titanium, among other elements. A286 stainless steel is particularly noted for its superior strength and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures, making it a suitable choice for high-temperature applications. It has excellent fabrication characteristics and good mechanical properties at both room and elevated temperatures. These qualities add to its versatility in various industrial uses.

    The AMS 5731 specification provides stringent standards for A286 stainless steel, ensuring that it meets precise requirements in terms of chemical composition, mechanical properties, and manufacturing processes. This specification typically applies to the alloy in the solution treated and aged condition. A286 under AMS 5731 is often used in the form of bars, forgings, and sheets, and its high-temperature durability combined with corrosion resistance makes it highly sought after in industries that operate under extreme conditions.

    Applications of AMS 5731 Specification A286 Stainless Steel:

    • Aerospace and aviation industry, particularly in manufacturing high-strength, temperature-resistant engine components and fasteners.
    • Gas turbine components, such as blades and combustion chamber parts, due to its ability to withstand high temperatures.
    • Automotive industry for manufacturing critical engine and exhaust parts in high-performance vehicles.
    • Industrial processing equipment, especially in heat treatment and chemical processing facilities where corrosion resistance is essential.
    • Fasteners and hardware, including bolts, nuts, and screws, for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.
    • Nuclear reactors and components, as A286’s stability under high temperatures and radiation is advantageous for safety and longevity.