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Alloy Services

Saw Cutting:

Our in-house saw cutting department is dedicated to on-time production with 14 band saws. We have enough saw cutting capacity to offer saw cutting services of customer-supplied materials with fast turnaround at low prices. We have the right saw for the job. Our maximum Saw Cutting Cross-Section is up to 36 inches Wide, and 32 inches Thick.


We can provide materials in a variety of surface conditions and configurations with our value-added machining services. With our vast range of available equipment and capabilities, we can supply semi-finished parts by: surface grinding, Blanchard, rough machining, center-less grinding, rough turning, straightening, trepan, and boring.

Heat Treatment:

We offer Normalizing, Austenitizing, Quench and Tempering, Stress Relieving, Annealing, Spheroidize Annealing and Precipitation Hardening. Strip Chart Recording and Furnace charts can be provided upon customer request. We have close working relationships with commercial and aerospace NADCAP heat treaters for quick turnaround and excellent volume pricing.


Forgings have greater strength versus say a flat rolled product. The forging process can yield a superior grain structure, resulting in optimum toughness, ductility, impact and fatigue strength.

Our Forgings are produced from the cleanest VAR & VIM/VAR steels, thereby having fewer defects and minimizing inclusions and retained gases which can embrittle plate. Aero-Vac Forgings have a much more uniform structure and finer grain size than Hot Rolled bar or plate resulting in more predictable and uniform mechanical properties as well as higher yield strengths for any given hardness level. When reliability is critical, and a forging is specified, the combination of strength, ductility, uniformity, and cleanliness at Aero- Vac is unmatched by alternative products.


We use independent 3rd party NADCAP testing labs for all non-destructive and destructive mechanical testing, as well as metallurgical testing; ensuring conforming materials by approved vendors for Major OEMs and commercial requirements. We can perform Hardness, Tensile, Charpy Impact, Chemical, Corrosion, Fatigue, Stress Rupture, Ultra Sonic, and Mag Particle testing. Making us a one-stop shop saves you the headache of shopping around!

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